Cocktails For The Mind

In Guilty Pleasures, NOT guilt! on January 17, 2010 by louiseharms Tagged: , ,

Just going out for drinks with my girls. There’s this bar called Becketts Kopf in Prenzlauer Berg, they do the most amazing cocktails! The place is very mysterious and you can’t really see that it’s a bar from the outside. If you want to go, you best make reservations to be sure they let you in, when you ring the little doorbell.

Becketts Kopf

The idea of the bar is to play with as many human senses as possible. I think they succeed! It’s a very special atmosphere. This is the place where Marlene Dietrich would go after her shows. It’s very Twin Peaks, minus the scary, David Lynch vibe.

Now I have to run, since I don’t want to miss our reservations!


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