i have to work!!!

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this girl kicks ass at her x-factor audition!



jag testar mig fram lite

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Det är sjukt svårz dsufho  hifrrtta intressanta saker. den där jävla idioten är ju sa jukg jgnblir galen på alla korkade elististiska makrofabilioner som tror dem är bättr eän andra men inte ens vågar säga sakr to you facej jorea gra


Winter Survival Tip

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Some say neon and bright colors belong to spring and summer, but it’s now, in this January-Mars non-stop-gray, we really need it, now isn’t it? I know a lot of people agree, because I always get compliments for my “peppy” nails. Something as easy as my hands make me happy and apparently, others too! Now, ain’t that a blast!?




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It’s damn cold up north but they sure know how to warm you up with sassy beats and catchy tunes. I have fallen in love with the Norwegian band Donkeyboy. Hard to ignore the 80’s touch, and as we all know, the 80’s in general was not a decade that could be easily forsaken.


Cocktails For The Mind

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Just going out for drinks with my girls. There’s this bar called Becketts Kopf in Prenzlauer Berg, they do the most amazing cocktails! The place is very mysterious and you can’t really see that it’s a bar from the outside. If you want to go, you best make reservations to be sure they let you in, when you ring the little doorbell.

Becketts Kopf

The idea of the bar is to play with as many human senses as possible. I think they succeed! It’s a very special atmosphere. This is the place where Marlene Dietrich would go after her shows. It’s very Twin Peaks, minus the scary, David Lynch vibe.

Now I have to run, since I don’t want to miss our reservations!


Can’t Touch This

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Part of todays outfit are the lovely and infamous harem pants. They might be highly connected to sunny, sweaty summer nights, but I found a winter use for them.

Harem Pants

It’s freezing here, with about -12 degrees outside! I ran to the store in my sweater, since it’s so close, I thought it would be OK. Only I nearly died! So now for going out the Aladdin Pants (as I prefer to call them) are absolutely perfect. I fit two pair of leggings under them and I can laugh the cold in its frozen face. HA-HA-HA! Sucker! Can’t touch This!


Princess of Darkness

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It’s the details that count. I often dress in black, and I have for as long as I can remember. Some say it’s a bit of a bore, but one can’t neglect the fact that there is no other color, even close to being, as versatile as black! A black outfit can, to name a few of its qualities, be everything between elegant and classy to cool, hip and sexy. So, I love it. And I also love this skirt.

The reason I’m rambling about the color black is because I can’t really imagine it in any other color then my favorite, black. Since I’m not going for the clown-look! The Skirt is made of tulle. I think it makes it soft, sexy and cute at the same time. What do you think? I never played princess as a kid. When I see this skirt I realize I feel I have some catching up to do.